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Publication writing including statistics

Due to digitisation and electronic storage, it is easy for practicioners to be holding large amounts of data. Due to their busy schedule, they do not have the time and resources to publish it. We have assisted many physicians in sorting, analysing and publishing such data. Here are a few examples.

A physician from a COVID centre in Mumbai provided us with data on > 1500 patients during the first wave. We had the data cleaned through the physician, outsourced the statistical analysis and provided him with a manuscript that could be published in JAPI. The findings were about the efficacy of Remdesivir and Tocilizumab and patient parameters that would be associated with success. This work was completed just before the second wave and the learnings could be used in managing those patients. The same physician then provided us with data on about 500 cases from the second wave. These were similarly analysed and a manuscript provided to him.

A senior dermatologist from Mumbai who specialises in HIV therapy, noticed that one of the commonly used drugs was producing a slightly unexpected but good effect in his patients. He approached us with a small data set. We researched the topic and guided him in dredging through loads of past data on his computers. We gathered a sizable number of patients showing similar effects. The statistical analysis was conducted inhouse and he was provided with a manuscript tailored to the journal of his choice.

Hepatitis C
Physician form UP possessed survey and test data collected from a jail about prevalence of hepatitis C in inmates. We outsourced the statistics, prepared a manuscript and followed it through till publication all the time keeping the physician in the loop. It provided valuable data on the correlates for testing Hepatitis C positive in incarcerated individuals.

Gastroenterological surgery
A surgeon for interior Maharashtra provided us two sets of data about intestinal malignancies, and related surgery that were partly processed but not publication ready. We improved on the presentations and finalised the manuscripts. Following this experience, he provided us raw data of a case series of pancreatic surgery. We analysed it, and prepared a manuscript for publication in journals of his choice.