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Training Feats

It has been noted that if launch meetings are spaced out and launch has to happen on a particular day, by the time the date approaches some knowledge has already evaporated for the groups that got trained in earlier rounds. Hence, a midsize company wished to launch an imported vaccine all over the country very quickly. It was decided to provide a training as a small capsule to the whole sales team on the same day. Pharmawisdom team prepared a training manual and training slides for the representatives and a product monograph to be distributed to the medical profession. It is to the credit of the company that all the >250 sales personnel were brought to one city. The Pharmawisdom team then completed the training sessions in one day, as planned, which was followed by sales discussions and the all India launch happened as soon as the representatives reached their headquarters, i.e; within days.

An evolving mid to large pharma company wished to approach sales for medications for chronic diseases differently. It's thought was to add value to the doctor’s practice and sharing some of his burden by gathering patient information and providing lifestyle counselling to the patients; off course, with the consent of the practitioner .It was decided to address two of the most common chronic diseases diabetes and hypertension. Pharmawisdom team decided to run workshops in small groups. It would take the form of lectures informing about the disease, dos and don’ts from the regulatory standpoint, Q & A from patient’s view and role plays. Here, one representative questioned another who played the role of a patient. The patient profiles were predesigned . Role play was followed by group discussions so that everyone got a feel of handling different patient psyches. Our team had several meetings across the country over a short period so as to launch the programme on a planned date.